ZodiacPress House Systems

ZodiacPress House Systems is an extension for ZodiacPress that lets you set a desired house system for the Birth Report. It also gives you the option to add “House Comparison Tables” to the Birth Report.

House Systems Comparison data tables allow you to compare your planets in multiple house systems. One table shows the house positions of planets in multiple house systems. The other table shows the house cusps calculated with multiple house systems.

In addition to that, you can offer just a “Compare House Systems” report that will consist of only the House Comparison Tables.

When setting a desired house system for the Birth Report, you can choose from 12 different house systems:

  1. Alcabitius
  2. Campanus
  3. Equal
  4. Koch
  5. Meridian (axial rotation system)
  6. Morinus
  7. Placidus
  8. Porphyry
  9. Regiomontanus
  10. Topocentric (Polich/Page)
  11. Vehlow
  12. Whole Sign

The house system you select for the Birth Report will affect the “Planets/Points in The Houses” section of the report.

In addition, those 12 are the house systems that will be compared in the House Comparison Tables.

NOTE: A birth time is required for the House Comparison Tables. If you generate a birth report with an unknown birth time, you will not get any house systems data.


This plugin includes a language catalog (.pot) file so you can easily translate it.


This plugin comes with a license for security and maintenance updates on an unlimited number of sites.


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