ZodiacPress Enhanced GeoNames

NOTE: This plugin is only for those using GeoNames instead of their own atlas database.

ZodiacPress Enhanced GeoNames is an extension for ZodiacPress that offers an improved experience when filling out the “Birth City” field. Normally, when you begin to type a city in the “Birth City” field, a list of cities will appear for you to select from. This list comes from the GeoNames webservices. This list can sometimes take a moment or two before it appears.

That’s where this plugin (ZodiacPress Enhanced GeoNames) helps. This plugin makes the list of cities appear faster. It uses an enhanced method of accessing the GeoNames webservices. This will result in a quicker response when typing in the Birth City and clicking “Next” on the form.

However, there is a major condition for this to work, and this is the reason that this plugin is offered as an extension rather than being built into ZodiacPress.

The condition is this:

This plugin will not work on https pages unless you purchase credits for GeoNames Premium Webservices. This is because GeoNames only serves over http (not https) for free GeoNames accounts.

So, if you are using the ZodiacPress form on an http page, then this plugin will work for you with the free GeoNames account. But, if you are using the ZodiacPress form on an https page, then this extension will only work if your GeoNames account is a Premium account (i.e. if you’ve purchased credits for GeoNames Premium Webservices).

What are https pages? These are pages that have an SSL Certificate. If your website has an SSL Certificate, then you should have https pages. These pages should have a green lock icon to the left of the web address.

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