Quick Start Guide

This “Quick Start Guide” is the fastest to way to get the ZodiacPress birth report working on your site. (This assumes you’ve already installed and activated the plugin.)

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to ZodiacPress –> Settings, and click the Misc tab.
  2. For the Choose Atlas setting, decide if you want to use the GeoNames webservice or your own atlas database. See Choosing an Atlas for help with this decision.
    • If you choose GeoNames:

      Enter your GeoNames Username and click “Save Changes.”
      (You can quickly create a free GeoNames account here. This is required in order to use GeoNames webservice to get birth place coordinates and timezone ids for the birth reports. After you create your GeoNames account, you have to enable their free web services by going to their manage account page and click to enable them at the bottom where it says “Free Web Services.”)

    • If you choose your own atlas database:

      Click the blue button that says Run the Atlas Installer. (Or skip this step if you prefer to use a separate database.)


      ZodiacPress Atlas Setting with Run The Atlas Installer button


      When you click Run the Atlas Installer, it will immediately begin importing cities into your database in the background. This may take one minute or up to 5 minutes. Once it is finished, you’ll get a pop-up message in the admin back-end that says:

      The atlas installation is complete. It is ready for use.


      You do not have to stay on the admin page while the Atlas is installing. You are free to leave the page or the site. The Atlas will continue installing itself behind the scenes. It should not take more than 5 minutes to complete.

      You can check the installation status by going to ZodiacPress > Settings > Misc tab. If the Atlas installation is complete, the “Status” row will say Active like in this image:


      ZodiacPress Atlas Status box


  3. Add the [birthreport] shortcode to a page or post. To do this, paste [birthreport] on a page or post where you want the form to appear. This is where the birth report form will appear. Go to this page on the front of your site to generate a birth report.

    (For more help with shortcodes, see How To Use a Shortcode.)

    NOTE: By default, ZodiacPress uses the Tropical zodiac, also known as the Western zodiac. To use the Sidereal zodiac (commonly used in Indian astrology), please see Use Sidereal Zodiac.

That’s it for the “Quick Start” setup. This allows you to generate a basic report which lists the planets in the signs, planets in the houses, and aspects. Interpretations will not be included in the report until you enter your own interpretations. See the Full Setup Guide for how to do this.

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