ZodiacPress Enhanced GeoNames

Quick Installation

NOTE: This plugin, ZP Enhanced GeoNames, is obsolete since the enhancement is built directly into ZodiacPress.

After you download the plugin from its main page, install the plugin in your WordPress Plugins page (see this for help).

Once the plugin is activated on your site, it works. There are no settings to configure. The ZodiacPress form will now use an enhanced method of accessing the GeoNames webservices. This will result in a quicker response when typing in the Birth City and clicking “Next” on the form.


This plugin will not work on https pages unless you purchase credits for GeoNames Premium Webservices. This is because GeoNames only serves over http (not https) for free GeoNames accounts.

So, if you are using the ZodiacPress form on an http page, then this plugin will work for you with the free GeoNames account. But, if you are using the ZodiacPress form on an https page, then this extension will only work if your GeoNames account is a Premium account (i.e. if you’ve purchased credits for GeoNames Premium Webservices).

NOTE: This plugin is only for those using GeoNames instead of their own atlas database.

Version Updates

If you want to receive version updates for this plugin in your WordPress dashboard, enter your license key at ZodiacPress –> Settings –> Licenses tab. This is recommended so that you’ll receive any security and maintenance updates. You can find your license key on the receipt which was emailed to you after you downloaded the plugin. You can also see your license key if you log in to your account and click “View Licenses” in the “License Keys” section. The license for this plugin allows you to use the same license key on an unlimited number of sites.

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