Pre-Support Self-Check

Before requesting support, please do a quick self-check. This can save time by pinpointing common issues right away. To complete this self-check, you will simply have to look at a few lines of your System Information (“System Info”).

You can find your System Info on your WordPress dashboard –> ZodiacPress –> Tools page. Click on the System Info tab.

Please check these 7 lines of your System Info:

  1. PHP Version. The PHP Version should be a number, 5.4 or higher.
  2. GD Support. This should be “okay” for the chart image to work. This is not required for the birth report itself, but rather it’s only required for the chart drawing image. If it says “No,” you must contact your web host to ask them to add a GD library. A GD library would provide the tools necessary for your site to create images.
  3. PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX. This should be “so.” If the value here is “dll” then your site uses Windows hosting, and you should please see this.
  4. exec() Function. This should be “okay.” If it is disabled, please see this.
  5. chmod() Function. This should be “okay.” If it is disabled, your web host does not let the plugin set the necessary file permissions, in which case you should please see this.
  6. swetest file. This should be “okay.” If it says “Missing!” then please see this.
  7. Ephemeris permissions. This should be “okay.” If it says “Not executable!” then please first check all the previous items. If the previous items are okay, and this line still says “Not executable!” then go ahead and create a support request.

If all of these items are okay, and your issue is still not resolved, then please create a support request in the support forum.

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