Choose a House System

The ZP House Systems extension lets you set a default house system to use for all reports. But this page shows how you can simply set your desired house system directly in the shortcode for the birth report.

If you set the house system directly in the shortcode, it will override the default house system. (The default is Placidus, unless you use the ZP House Systems plugin to set a different default.) This allows you to offer reports on different pages using different house systems.

You do this by adding the house_system option to the shortcode.

For example, this sets the house system to Whole Sign houses:

[birthreport house_system="W"]

You can change the W to the letter code for your desired house system.

House System Letter Codes (CASE SENSITIVE):

B = Alcabitius
C = Campanus
E = Equal / Asc
K = Koch
X = Meridian houses / axial rotation system
M = Morinus
P = Placidus
O = Porphyry
R = Regiomontanus
T = Topocentric / Polich/Page
V = Vehlow
W = Whole Sign

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